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Our Youth Need You • We Are Looking For Mentors In All Pillars

Why is access to mentoring more important now than ever before?
Globally, 75 million young people don’t have a job. Over 17% of the under-25s (compared to 7% of over-25s) in OECD countries are without a job and are losing hope for a brighter future. … A bitter irony: It is the best educated generation ever – and the most pessimistic in terms of employment perspectives (OECD, 2012). In Canada, The impact is even greater for the fastest growing minoritized groups - Aborigines and Blacks. How can a “lost generation” of young unemployed be avoided? What strategies are needed to bring young people hope and new perspectives in light of weakly responsive education system? At a time when youth unemployment is endemic worldwide, it is imperative that educators, policymakers and other stakeholders do all in their power to change our emerging human resource liabilities into assets. This change can be done by providing a seamless transition from school into the world of work. e-CAMP MENTORing is proposing a Mentoring Oriented Teaching and Learning Strategy (MOTALS) based on the doctoral research of Dr. Leroy Clarke to seamlessly link school-learning and the world of work via e-mentoring (e-CAMP) an online Career and Mentoring Program. The program will identify concrete strategies such as field entrepreneurship skills and early career exposure for engaging youth in the 15-25 age group by providing opportunity to link with qualified vulnerable sector screened mentors. The program’s mandate is to develop and nurture positive attitudes, responsible citizenship, and skills that will be continuously upgraded within a real-world social and cultural network context of collaboration and competition in order to drive and sustain our economy.

What is the solution to this problem?
Mentoring Leads to Lifelong Connections. Mentoring enhances academic learning by providing students with career insights, guidance and professional contacts. As a result, mentoring increases student satisfaction and develops stronger institutional ties. Whether students engage with other students, faculty, alumni or industry professionals, they will make valuable connections that could last a lifetime.
  • Pair students with the best mentors aligned to their career goals.
  • Engage students with a familiar online experience similar to LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Provide a secure online community available only to individuals selected by the student.
  • Remove distance as a barrier as mentoring connections can be across town or cross the globe.
  • Simplify program administration with intelligent matching and automation tools.

What is the e-CAMP™ unique value proposition?

e-CAMP™ is a unique on-line mentoring social action network.  This space makes mentoring accessible and engaging for ALL students between the ages of 15 – 25 years. Our focus is mentoring the way it was meant to be…Free, supported by a Web-Events-Partnership model.
•        This online innovation starts where formal education stops.  e-CAMP™ delivers a holistic mentoring experience by enabling mentees to connect with mentors through their favourite passions in life within Business, Entrepreneurship and Finance; Sports and Wellness; the Arts and Humanities and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
•        The virtual environment is built on technology and philosophical framework that leverages Dr. Leroy Clarke’s proprietary MOTALS mentorship model - an organic sociocultural relationship enterprise that syncs our existence as physical, social, and spiritual beings. MOTALS embeds core values such as relationship development, social and cultural background as integral parts this model.
•        Over 80,000 unique users have connected through website.
We are always in  need mentors, please complete the application online,  apply for a police check and e-mail or fax the completed form to the attention of Dr. Leroy Clarke ( Let's Make a Difference Today!


eCAMP Programs

2018 Durham Youth Talent Show


e-CAMP MENTORing with funding from the Government of Ontario, in collaboration with the Durham Catholic District School Board and the City of Oshawa, provide mentoring and other support for youth in Durham Region.

Lakeridge Health Website Image

Dr. George Blake Centre for Mentoring in Medicine and Health Sciences

Providing opportunities for Black/African-Canadians to access careers in medicine and health sciences. Stay tuned for developments in this program!